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LED Downlights

LED downlights are an energy efficient lighting solution that add a modern look to any home, and will pay for themselves in power savings.

EnergySmart installs affordable, superior LED ceiling lights that will save you money through longer life, reduced heat loss and lower energy consumption.

EnergySmart uses LumNZ’s system and components. These downlights are more energy efficient and last longer than other brands, so you’ll save more overall and enjoy perfect lighting with an EnergySmart installation.

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The product is also designed to be brighter through a high power-to-output performance ratio. The LED downlights have been engineered for safety in New Zealand homes where fire risk can be an issue, especially with insulation. LumNZ downlights are also versatile; the same light can be used in different environments around the home such as steamy bathrooms or under soffits. Tested and certified for reliability,  these LED downlights are made with robust all-aluminium housing and heat sink to extend life and efficiency.

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Contact EnergySmart for expert advice and installation of energy efficient LED downlights.

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