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NZ Healthy Homes Bill

The Government’s new standards to make homes warm and dry set minimum requirements for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping in all residential rental properties. 

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The new standards go a long way toward making rental homes healthier for tenants:

  • All rental homes will be required to have a heater that can heat the main living area to 18ºC.
  • Rental homes must have ceiling and underfloor insulation that either meets the 2008 Building Code insulation standard, or (for existing ceiling insulation) has a minimum thickness of 120mm.
  • Rental homes will also be drier under these changes as kitchens and bathrooms will have to have extraction fans or rangehoods. 
  • Where rental homes have an enclosed subfloor space property owners will need to install a ground moisture barrier to stop moisture rising into the home
  • The standards also reinforce existing law that says landlords must have adequate drainage and guttering to prevent water entering the home.
  • Draughts that make a home harder to heat will have to be blocked.

Compliance timeframes

Compliance with the standards are:



For more information on each of the new standards of the NZ Healthy Homes Bill, view our PDF by clicking here.

For more information on the Healthy Homes Standard by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, click here.

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