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Underfloor Insulation

Make your home warmer, drier and healthier with effective underfloor insulation. EnergySmart has a range of underfloor insulation options to suit your home or building's needs.

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The Benefits of Underfloor Insulation

It is estimated that over 1 million homes in New Zealand have little or no underfloor insulation, and poorly installed insulation is responsible for over 10% of heat lost through the floor. Installing underfloor installation is a cost-effective solution to preventing heat loss, reducing dampness and creating a warm, healthy home.


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Book Your Underfloor Insulation Assessment

Not all floors are possible to retro-fit underfloor insulation after they’ve been built, which is why we offer a free home insulation assessment to take a look and discuss the best solutions for your home or building.

Our trained assessors will take a look under your floor to determine what kind of insulation is currently installed and its condition, plus access to the crawl space. They’ll discuss the best solutions for your particular situation and budget.

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Installing Your Underfloor Insulation

How your underfloor insulation is installed can make all the difference as to how well it actually performs. It can be a hazardous job and dangerous if not done correctly.

The EnergySmart team of expert insulation installers are trained and experienced to do the best job insulating your home. They will use their expert knowledge to bring your underfloor insulation up to standard, a more time and cost-effective solution than DIY installation.

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Funding Your Underfloor Insulation

EnergySmart works with funding partners to provide New Zealand landlords and home owners with cost-effective insulation solutions. You may be eligible for free or significantly discounted underfloor insulation; book your free assessment to find out more.

EnergySmart is an official service provider of the EECA EnergyWise Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes initiative, with access to grants for underfloor insulation for low income households. Contact one of our advisors to find out if your property is eligible.

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We can help you find the right insulation solution for your home. Contact us to book your free insulation consultation today.