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Wool Insulation

Terra Lana is a quality, premium performance insulation based on wool – a remarkable fibre with unique advantages for use as home insulation. It is made in New Zealand with natural and recycled resources and is safe and healthy for people and the environment.

Some of the advantages of Terra Lana wool blend insulation are that it breathes (absorbs and releases moisture in the air, helping regulate humidity and temperature inside); it doesn’t slump over time – so it keeps performing; it absorbs toxins emitted from other building materials and furnishings;  it is an excellent noise barrier; is safe, soft and easy to handle and is a longer lasting, durable insulation guaranteed for 50 years.

Terra Lana insulation uses clean coloured wool left over from carpet yarn manufacturers.  The quantities and types of wool are all high quality but in smaller quantities of various colours to be efficiently reused by the yarn manufacturers.  Our sources of wool would otherwise go to landfill. At the end of your house’s life Terra Lana is fully recyclable.

There are different ways to install ceiling insulation, according to different requirements or standards. Terra Lana offer a range that also allows a most effective thermal value by using two special layers:


DOUBLE LAYER – between and across


SEGMENTS – between rafters


BLANKET – across top of rafters