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Stop heat from escaping your home through your ceiling or floor with good quality insulation. Improving your insulation is an energy efficient and cost-effective solution to keeping your home warm and healthy.

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Essential for a Healthy Home

There are three essentials that work together to create a healthy, energy efficient home – keeping your home warm, ensuring your home is dry and airing it out regularly.


The Benefits of Insulation

Insulation works by radiating heat energy back into the building, helping your home stay warmer for longer and requiring less energy to heat. Good quality, properly installed insulation will ensure your home remains comfortable in all New Zealand conditions.

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There are many ways of improving insulation, which is why we offer a free home assessment to take a look and discuss the best solutions for your home or building.

As part of the assessment, EnergySmart professionals will review the structure and current insulation of your building to determine which areas need fixing, upgrading or installing. They’ll discuss the best insulation for your particular situation and budget.

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Installing Your Insulation

The EnergySmart team of expert installers are trained to do the best job insulating your home. They will use their expert knowledge to bring your insulation up to standard, a more time and cost-effective solution than DIY installation.

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EnergySmart services include:

Ceiling Insulation Underfloor Insulation Heat pump Installation
EnergySmart FIBREGLASS insulation install 3 2000p EnergySmart UNDERFLOOR Polyester insulation install 1 2000p 1 MSZ GE Wooden dining room cmyk

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Across a range of products, including:

Terra Lana PolyKing Pink Batts
product Terra Lana Insulation p Product Pink Batts Insulation

Quality, premium performance insulation based on wool.

Insulation made from durable and safe polyester.

Economical glass fibre insulation.

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