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Why Are So Many NZ Houses Not Insulated?

Most of the western world living within a winter climate zone have well insulated, well heated homes.  Why not in New Zealand?  Nowadays many of us just take it fore-granted that it's just the way it is – we know no better and are 'used to it'. It makes no sense though nowadays - when insulation technology is so much better and more easily available and affordable.

Historically, Much of New Zealand's housing was built at a time when insulation was just not really understood here and considered an optional extra.  To be fair, energy was also cheaper back then and people weren't so aware of the health risks of cold, drafty, damp homes.

Never the less, with a 'she'll be right' attitude, most families ended up in cold, dark, damp uninsulated housing.  The trouble is most of those houses are still around, and if they have been insulated, often it was a long time ago before insulation technology and standards delivered insulation that lasts.  If you live in an older home chances are, even it has been insulated, that insulation is no longer working anything like it should be. If you think this may be the case, contact EnergySmart for a free assessment.

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