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Health Benefits of Insulation

Well insulated homes are much better for your health – that's a fact

Research shows poorly insulated houses lead to many health issues such as asthma, bronchitis, rheumatic fever and infectious skin diseases. The Children’s Commission recent report into child poverty highlighted the need for properties to be well insulated.

Having your home well insulated not only means it stays warmer longer, but a warmer house stays drier too. Damp housing is good for things like mould and mildew to grow and live in – not people!  Combining a cold environment with nasty unwanted guests like these is a recipe for health problems. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of asthma and respiratory illness in the OECD countries, with a proven relationship to cold, damp homes.

Your family's health is precious, plus illness means lost time from work and school and more time at the doctors or hospital. Insulate to save on your energy bill and you'll save on medical bills too!

Give your family the benefit of a healthier, warmer home.  Now's the time to do it – because of these benefits, the Government is offering you HUGE savings through subsidies. You may even be entitled to FREE insulation!

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