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Are You Living Energy Smart?

Ask yourself these questions – and see if you are Living Energy Smart:


  1. Does your home have thick, well installed ceiling insulation at least 16cm thick?
  2. Does your home have well installed underfloor insulation?
  3. If you have an electric hot water cylinder, is it cool to touch or wrapped?
  4. Are your hot water pipes lagged?

 Lighting & Hot Water?

  1. Do you have 4 or more compact fluorescent lights or LED lights fitted?
  2. Does your shower take longer than 60 seconds to fill a 10L bucket?

 General Energy Efficiency?

  1. Is your heated towel rail fitted with a timer?
  2. Do all your external wooden doors have draft excluders fitted?
  3. Are your heaters fitted with timers, thermostats?
  4. Do you switch off your heating when the room is unoccupied for a long period?
  5. Are all your fridge and freezer seals clean and intact?

If you answered 'Yes' to all of the above questions, Congratulations! ...You're well on your way to Living Warm ad Living Smart.

If you answered 'No' to any of the questions, Don't Worry! ...We can help you out and advise the best way to get your home saving better.  Just contact us to find out more, or BOOK us in for a home energy assessment.

Living Energy Smart