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What We Offer

With EnergySmart, you get friendly, professional service and the benefit of our years of experience – we've been helping families keep cosy since the turn of the century! 

As a trusted, one stop shop for home insulation and advice, there's choice with a range of brands, so you'll get what's best for you and your home.

You'll also get great savings with our huge discounts and access to amazing subsidies.

Free Assessment

It can be difficult to tell whether your house has been fully insulated, but more so whether any insulation you do have is effective and doing it's job. Our trained assessors know all about it though – and we'll send them around for free!  They can also tell you what subsidies you may be entitled to for insulating, plus they'll give you tips on other ways they may see you can save on energy.

Discount Product

We offer a range of insulation products and brands and work closely with manufacturers to secure great discounts for you.

There are different kinds of insulation with different properties and advantages.  We'll advise on what's best for your particular house and budget.

Friendly Expert Installation Service

Insulation needs to be done right to be fully effective. Our friendly teams have been fully trained and have plenty of experience on how to do the job right. Once you've been assessed and measured, our local team will deliver and install insulation in your ceiling and underfloor.

Subsidies & Discounts

Insulating houses is what we're all about, but we're also big on helping you pay for it. As well as working with local funding schemes, EnergySmart are accredited supply–installers for the government 'Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes' subsidy programme. That means if you meet the criteria for funding, we'll insulate your home for free!

Even if you don't qualify for any subsidy, you'll still be making great savings with our huge discounts and competitive rates.

​We make it real easy – and it may never be cheaper for you than now.  Get in touch to find out how we can help you – and start making the most of saving big time, being more cosy, dry and healthy!

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