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Fund Programs

Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) is offering you an alternative to purchase insulation.

It is offered to all ratepayers in conjunction with the EECA Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme. As a ratepayer you can apply for up to $2600 (including GST) towards an approved Heat Smart solution. This is paid back with interest over 9 years through your property’s rates. To see what you might be paying back, look at the table below. This increase on your rates will not start until a new rates year.

Financial assistance based on 7% interest

Financial assistance $2600 $2000 $1000
Per annum cost $413.03 $317.72 $158.86
9 year total $3717.27 $2859.48 $1429.74

* Note – If after the EECA grant and GW assistance there is still an amount owing, this is your responsibility.

The interest rate will be set at 7% for this first year. Thereafter it is subject to change.

CONDITIONS: To be eligible for this financial assistance you must be a ratepayer,be up to date with your rate payments, and have a house built prior to 2000 and be receiving an EECA grant

You don't qualify? Don't Worry...

If you don't meet the criteria for any of our Healthy Homes projects, we can still help. Book your home energy assessment, if you are a homeowner it's free .

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