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It's important to have your insulation installed properly

Having your insulation installed properly can make all the difference as to how well it actually performs. It can also be a hazardous job and dangerous if not done correctly. That's why it's key to have your installation done by professionals who know all about it.

The EnergySmart team of expert insulation installers are trained and experienced to do the best job insulating your home. It's what they do.

Friendly, diligent professional service for a great job done real quick AND at a true value low rate.

In the CEILING, insulation is brought up into the roof cavity and cut to fit between rafters and spaces according to building code regulations and standards.  Care is taken with lighting and electrics.

Under the FLOOR, is where you don't want to be! But the guys will get in there, clear the area and put moisture barrier sheeting over the ground (where necessary & possible), then fix the appropriate underfloor insulation between the floor joists – according to standard.

So what's the procedure?

Once you have been assessed after you contact us, we will book in a time with you for our team to come around with your insulation and install it for you. The installation will usually take a day to do.  Easy aye?

But get in quick!

The opportunity of these subsidy packages is a genuine bargain and is for a limited number of homes. There will be a queue, so get in line as soon as you can!  Subsidies and product may also be limited in some areas.


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DIY Installation

It's important for insulation to be installed correctly in order for it to perform well. To qualify for subsidies, installs must be installed by industry professionals so are not available to DIY’ers. If you are into DIY installation, make sure you know what you are doing!

Actually we don't recommend Doing It Yourself, for a number of reasons:

  • Firstly, it can be dangerous – wiring can be accidentally stapled or cut, clearances to lighting and other heat sources is critical. Without the correct clearances your insulation becomes a fire hazard.
  • Insulation needs to be installed by an industry professional to be eligible for subsidy.
  • There are many factors to know about in order to get the best from your insulation. We know all about it and reckon we'll do a better job.
  • It's a dusty, dirty, difficult task which requires respirators and other safety equipement to be done safely.

And lastly, having us install means compliance for funding and peace of mind, or discounts on products that go a long way toward our low install fee. So why would you want to spend dirty days sweating in your loft and under the floor when we can have it done for you in hours – while you laugh at us from the couch?

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