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WUNZ – Warm Up New Zealand : Healthy Homes Programme

Who is it for?

This Government funded insulation program is for low-income home owners and landlords with low-income or high health need tenants. As the landlord or home owner you will be expected to contribute 50%* of the cost, with the rest made up of funding from the Government and community-based funders.

Funding is limited - contact your local EnergySmart branch to take advantage of this offer now!


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Eligibility Criteria

Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes insulation grants are available for houses built prior to 2000. From 28 June 2017, the Government has extended the eligibility to include houses occupied by home owners in addition to tenants.

The following eligibility criteria apply:

  • The tenant or home owner must hold a valid Community Services Card (CSC) or CSC-endorsed SuperGold Card; or
  • The tenant or home owner must demonstrate an income-related need, such as a referral from a medical practitioner registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand, or a nurse registered with the Nursing Council of New Zealand stating that the occupant suffers from a respiratory illness; or
  • The tenant or home owner is referred by a Ministry of Health-recognised Healthy Homes Initiative provider.


What does the funding cover?

Purchase and installation to approved standards, of:

  • Ceiling insulation and underfloor insulation. You need to have both ceiling and underfloor insulation done (if possible) to required standards for funding.
  • Where necessary: a hot water cylinder wrap, pipe lagging, draft-stopping, and under-house ground moisture barrier may be required at additional cost.


How much will eligible home owners & landlords have to pay?

The current programme requires landlords to contribute 50% towards an insulation retrofit. Under the extended eligibility criteria, eligible home owners will be required to contribute a maximum of 50%* towards an insulation retrofit as well.


*Home owner subsidies

Eligible home owners may use Voluntary Targeted Rates (VTR) to cover their 50% contribution towards an insulation retrofit. Council VTR scheme conditions apply.

Low income home owners may also be eligible for funding under the EnergySmart Community Funded Insulation Programme. If you are a home owner and have a Community Services Card, contact your local EnergySmart branch for more information.


To find out more about various discounts, grants and subsidies that may apply to you, call us on 0800 777 111 or book your free home assessment.


Who can get a Community Services Card (CSC)?

Home owners and tenants on on a low to middle-income can apply for a Community Services card. Do you qualify? The chart below gives you a guide:


Income Limits
You may be able to get a card if you're... And your yearly income (before tax) is...
Single - living with others $26,330
Single - living alone $27,942
Married, civil union or de facto couple - no children $41,783
NZ Superannuation single, sharing accommodation $26,949
NZ Superannuation single, living alone $28,626
NZ Superannuation married, civil union or de facto relationship - no children $42,836
Family of 2 $49,993
Family of 3 $60,402
Family of 4 $68,682
Family of 5 $76,790
Family of 6 $85,852
For families of more than 6, the limit goes up another $7,986 for each extra person

For more information, visit the Ministry of Social Development website.


You don't qualify? Don't worry...

If you don't meet the criteria for any of our Healthy Homes projects, we can still help. Call us on 0800 777 111 or book your free home assessment today.


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