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With such good deals going on, it would be a shame to miss out if you can't afford it right now. Fortunately we can help with that too. We've got a number of sensible options for how you can pay it off over time.

Targeted Rates Programme - Greater Wellington Region

This works out to be a generally easy and affordable option if you're in the Greater Wellington region.  Basically any costs beyond what's covered by subsidy is paid for by the GWR Council.  You then pay them back over time as this is added onto your rates.  It works out to be about 8% in interest and is easy as.


Q MasterCard

More than just a card, a Q MasterCard combines the benefit of a credit card with a range of interest-free deals and payment holidays. 

Apply for your Q MasterCard here.


Mortgage Top Up

This is probably your best deal. If you have a mortgage, most banks have agreed to top up your mortgage WITHOUT FEES for insulation packages. When you do the math on current mortgage interest rates, this is your cheapest finance option.

You could even put the money you save by having insulation onto your regular payments so you pay it off quicker!

Participating Banks

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Gilrose Finance

Gilrose Finance is our preferred finance partner. They are an ethical lender with industry leading interest rates.  Don’t be fooled by interest free deals, there’s no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to finance options. Gilrose offer a competitive floating interest rate with flexible terms.